Paragon release notes
Paragon release notes


πŸš€ New Features

✨ Users API!

The Users API allows you to query and modify the state of your Connected Users and their integrations. The API includes REST endpoints (and matching SDK functions) for identifying what integrations your user has enabled, disconnecting integrations, and disabling workflows. The API also allows your application to associate metadata with a Connected User.

You can use the new Users API to:

  • Automatically disconnect integrations when a user deletes or downgrades their account in your application
  • Enrich your Connected Users' profile information with email, name, and other metadata
  • Associate Connected Users with an API key for your application, which can be used in workflows to send requests
  • Poll to check if a user has enabled a certain integration and view account connection status

✨ Magento Integration!

You can now connect to your users' Magento account to access, create, and update records in their Magento stores. Paragon enables you to sync data between your app and your users’ Magento. For example, you can create customers or sync orders from Magento. Learn more in our docs.

Magento Workflow Request.png

πŸ›  Improvements

  • You can now access important information, like workspace IDs, instance URLs, and team names within the Workflow Editor and Paragon SDK! These
  • Adds support to filter by List ID when searching Records in Salesforce.

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where uploaded icons for the Custom Integration Builder would not automatically resize correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where the Connect Portal would not show all items available in User Settings with many items in Salesforce or Slack.