Paragon release notes
Paragon release notes


Paragon Connect

Paragon Connect allows developers to embed user-facing SaaS integrations into their product in minutes. Setup the Paragon SDK once and instantly integrate your product with popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, JIRA, and more. Learn more about Connect here.


You can now access Paragon Connect in your sidebar menu of your Paragon dashboard.

🛠 Improvements

  • Higher resolution app icons.
  • Premium Tier deployed workflow limit has been increased from 100 to 250 deployed workflows.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed keyboard navigation when tagging workflows in the workflow dashboard.


🛠 Improvements

  • You can now access the snowflake-sdk npm module in the Function step!

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a workflow wouldn't open the duplicate.
  • Workflow executions in Task History replay properly if the workflow is currently undeployed.
  • App icons no longer clip in Workflow steps.


New Features


✨Workflow Search Can't find that workflow you've been working on? Well, look no further! You can now search and filter workflows in the Workflow menu!

✨Workflow Tags You can now create and sort your workflows by tags! Just click the triple-dot menu and select "Tag".

It wouldn't be an update without bug fixes and improvements!



✨New Integration: Asana You can now query, add, and update projects and tasks in Asana.

✨New Integration: Zendesk You can now query, add, and update support tickets in Zendesk Support.

Both integrations also support OAuth, allowing you to connect with your users' Asana or Zendesk Support accounts and integrate them with your workflows. Check out our docs to get started!


✨New Event-based Trigger: MongoDB You can now trigger workflows when a record is created or updated in your MongoDB database.

As usual, we added a bunch of bug fixes and improvements!


Updated the Request Step with native support for different body types (JSON, multipart/form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded, raw) and authentication (Bearer Token or Basic auth). We also added support for tokenized variables in the Request parameters in addition to a few other quality of life improvements!

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 11.37.37 AM.png

As usual, we added bunch of bug fixes and improvements!



✨New Feature: Version History! You can now save versions of your workflows so that you can easily view or restore to previous versions! A version is automatically created every 10th auto-save, or you can save manually with ⌘⇧S (CTRL+Shift+S on Windows).

✨New Integration: Quickbooks! You can now access and manage Quickbooks accounts, bills, customers, invoices, and payments.

✨New Integration: Klaviyo! You can now create and manage Klaviyo campaigns, lists, subscribers, and templates.

✨New Integration: Tableau You can now query, add, and update data quality warnings in Tableau.

Made significant updates to the overall performance and speed of Paragon's web app.


✨New Integration: JIRA! You can now integrate with your JIRA account to create, update, and manage issues in your JIRA projects! You can also use our JIRA OAuth integration to allow your users to connect their JIRA accounts to your app. Check out our docs for more.

Made some major improvements to workflow performance - workflows now execute as much as 10x faster than before!

Our Google Calendar integration now supports adding conference data to calendar events.

Our AirTable integration now supports filtering columns by date when fetching records from a base.


✨ New Feature: Integrations Manager! You can now view, edit, and manage all the integrations connected to your Paragon account! Navigate to the Integrations tab in your dashboard sidebar to check it out!

Viewing your connected integrations in the Integrations Manager.png

Released Paragon On-Prem, allowing you to deploy and run Paragon entirely on your own infrastructure! If you're interested in Paragon On-Prem, email us at

Improved performance when Fanning Out large arrays, among other bug fixes and improvements.


✨New Integration: Hubspot! You can now integrate with Hubspot to create, update, and search Hubspot CRM records! Our Hubspot integration also supports OAuth, allowing you to connect with your users' Hubspot accounts and integrate them with your workflows. Check out our docs for more.

As always, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.


✨New Feature: Auto-retries! Workflow steps that perform a request now automatically retry if the request fails. When Auto-retry is enabled, Paragon will re-attempt failed requests up to several times, waiting after each attempt before performing the next retry. Auto-retries are available on our Business plan and above

✨New Feature: MySQL Trigger! You can now trigger workflows when a record is created or updated in your MySQL database!

As always, a number bug fixes and performance improvements!